Miss Maureen, 63岁, 女, 来自美国, 高血压。中医

Dear Dr. Ming:
I have been taking the capsules for one week now and I think my tongue is getting better and my voice is getting better also.
I would like to order more capsules because they take over two weeks to arrive.
Could you send me an order form?
My acupuncturist said my pulses are normal ... GOOD!!!
Thank you.
2005-4-19             Maureen             

Dear Maureen      ,

Thanks so much for your kind email. Hope everything is going well to you. Pleased to know you have received your capsules. Hope the capsules work well for you. If you are convenient, please let us know your progress. Thanks.

Hope you get a good recovery!

All best wishes to you!

Yours faithfully,

Dr. Ming


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Dear Dr. Ming:
My capsules arrived today, April 18th, and I'll start taking them tomorrow.
Thank you for the order.
2005-4-7             Maureen             

Incoming order processed Order Number 1854590945
Dear Maureen      ,

Glad to hear from you again! Wish you a nice day and everything goes well!

We were told from your words that you are having some western medications now, and you're wondering whether you could continue to take them with the Chinese medicine.

As to your concerns, it is unnecessary to stop taking your western medicine, and in common condition you could have the Chinese medicine with one hour's interval after having your current western medicines. That will be OK. In case you feel any uncomfortable during the treatment, please stop the medicine and feel free to let us know anytime. Thanks.

Looking forward to seeing your good improvement and best wishes!

Dr. Ming

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Dear Dr. Ming:
I have a question. I'm taking Atenolol to slow down my pulse/heartbeat. The primary care physician said that my heart was working too hard. Is it alright that I continue taking this drug?
My blood pressure and cholesterol medicines may be able to put aside for the time being.
Thank you.
2005-4-3             Maureen       

Incoming order processed Order Number 1854590945
Dear Maureen,

Thank you so much for your kind email and funds transfer by your credit card. It is very kind of you! Thanks a lot! We have posted your package by air mail today. It will take one to two weeks to your country, please notice it. Once you receive the package, please let us know. Thanks!

Please take four to six capsules each time,three times per day; this dosage is for adults.Please first take four capsules each time, then increase the dosage step by step. The capsules could be taken after meal. During the period of using medicine, please take care the following things. Have more nutritious foods; have a due consideration to good rest; take less spicy or fatty foods; relax the mind; Stop using other medications and treatment.

Also when using our products, it is better not taking other medications and treatment in the meantime.

By the way, we reported it as Chinese tea and food supplements, please notice it.

Best wishes to you!



2005-4-2             Maureen       

(no subject)
Dear Maureen,

Hello again! Thanks a lot for your kind reply and great trust in Chinese medicine. Hope Chinese medicine will bring a good improvement to you. We feel so pleased to know that you're looking much younger than the real age, and appreciate your optimism in the daily life, it is quite helpful to your disease.

If you do not mind, we shall be glad to airship the 20 days capsules to you soon, and the general cost for these 20 days capsules would be US$80.00, free air shipping. As you would like to transfer your kind payment by credit card, please check here:

http://www.tcmtreatment.net/online-credit-card.htm   Or


In addition, please confirm your shipping address to us, so that we could send the package to your location directly and without delay. Thanks.

All the best wishes to you and your honorable family!

Dr. Ming

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Dear Dr. Ming:
I get around just fine ... a little weakness in the left leg but not a problem. Thank God I have no problem swallowing or chewing ... just the voice problem. It's called Bulbar ALS. It has to do with the tongue muscle.
You would never know that I am 63. Some people think I'm in my 30/40's. I've always had excellent health.
Thank you for answering my e-mails so quickly.
I will put the bill on my credit card.
Thanks again ... I hope the herbs help!!!

2005-4-1             Maureen             

Dear Maureen      ,

Thanks so much for the detailed information about your health problems. Also thanks for your valuable time to fill out the patient form, which is quite lengthy, time-consuming, yet very helpful. Hope our Chinese medicine will help your ALS, hypertension successfully.

We have checked your symptoms, please be optimistic about your condition. We shall be pleased to see your progress soon. Please confirm that whether you are able to deal with your own daily life and work, and  only with the lack of ability to speak and swallow, right?

As you would like herbal capsules for the treatment. If you do not mind, please let us airship the 20 days capsules to you. Hopefully, you would find good improvement gradually.

As to the general cost for the first twenty days capsules, it would be US$80.00, free air shipping. Is that OK for you?

All the best regards to you and to your noble family!

Dr. Ming


record #:866     submit time:2005-4-1 5:48:47          
Name: Maureen M.      
Gender: Female
Marriage: Married
Child-bearing: one/son
Age: 63
Zip Code: 03458
Country: United States
State: NH
Height: 5ft. 5"  tall
Weight: 126  in weight
Disease Period: 4 months  long

Major Complaint: 
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and I have high blood pressure but I am taking a drug to control it.

slightly whitish tongue body
fissured tongue body
I brush the tongue coating daily
thin tongue coating
thin and white tongue coating
having slight heart or blood pressure problem
muscle spasm of the body
like hot drinks
yellowish urine
powerful pulse
60 to 80 wrist beats per minute
dry living environment
always worrisome
nervous often
overthinking often

Plain, simple food. I smoke 3-5 cigarettes per day due to stress. I am not a heavy smoker.
Laboratory Check: 
I had an MRI and the doctor said no problem with brain ... I have a young brain. Motor neuron test. EKG (fine) Pap smear (fine) mammogram (fine) bone density test ... borderline for weak bones.
Other Diseases: 
Blood pressure medicine ... HDL/LDL Lipitor, creatine for muscle building. I do not suffer from internal diseases except ALS

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